Using Technology In The Elementary Classroom

It is widely known that technology has taken over elementary classrooms. A study done by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that elementary students use technology more so than their peers in high school, college, or university. This article claims that elementary teachers have been driven from traditional teaching to using technology as a way of getting students engaged since they know the inevitable is coming. In addition, elementary teachers are driven to use technology because they can easily see its benefits in terms of teaching literacy and numeracy skills especially with young learners who tend to be very persistent with technology.

Three Main Components

The need for elementary educators to keep up with the times is vital as technology continues to become a huge part of our children’s lives outside of school. Teachers need to learn and practice the software, access websites, and read and discuss required reading covering current research and instructional theory. This way elementary teachers are prepared to teach technology at any time.

These three components are among of the most important of elementary teaching today. With all these components, elementary educators are able to make their elementary classrooms more effective using technology with engaging students using new multimedia tools.

Since elementary teachers are often charged with helping young children learn key ideas and skills for reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and other subjects (i.e., literacy and numeracy) they need to help students acquire 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving in order to succeed in school and later on when entering the workforce.

Think of other big changes that came via technological breakthroughs in elementary schools, such as the phonograph and movies.

How Can Technology Be Utilized To Teach Or Reinforce These Levels Of Knowledge

The elementary classroom provides teachers with an opportunity to take full advantage of technology by integrating it into the elementary school curriculum. This article describes some methods for teaching elementary students using technology. The methods are divided into two categories: Using Technology in the Elementary Classroom, Teaching Technology in Elementary School. Each section is further organized into specific technological tools that can be used within elementary classrooms.

Math is such a large part of the school day – and technology can enhance what you’re already doing. If you haven’t already thought of some of these activities, try them out to make math more hands-on for elementary school students!

Locate math videos on YouTube that you can use in your elementary school classroom. For example, try searching for “Clock the video” or other elementary topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. It’s simple and so easy yet there are endless opportunities for elementary kids to learn about mathematics through technology!

This can lead to more specific math lessons with elementary school students, such as teaching them how to tell time on an analog clock. Try searching for “elementary math videos” on YouTube or another video site so you can get more ideas for ways you can use elementary technology in your own elementary school class!

There are many great websites out there that elementary grades children will enjoy while practicing their reading skills and becoming familiarized with words they may not already know. The Read/Write for Google Chrome extension works well too!

Fun Lessons

Make music with elementary students using iPads, laptops, smartphones, or other mobile devices by downloading apps like GarageBand (for iOS) or MakeMusic’s Finale NotePad (for Windows). Not only are they great for creating original songs and performing along with pre-recorded tracks, but elementary students can also play around with pitch and speed to name just a few of the possibilities.